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CSFF Tour: Jeffrey Overstreet's The Ale Boy's Feast

Much is made of spec fiction that is not a proper trilogy, or a quadrology, or otherwise in a series where each book cannot stand alone ... I suppose because making a cohesive unit of more than one or two books is so very difficult, and for a first-time novelist, nearly impossible. Yet Jeffrey Overstreet succeeded brilliantly with the Auralia Thread. I’m not sure I could add anything to what the other tour members are saying in their reviews. It’s marvelous. Heartwrenching. Beautifully redemptive. It awakens a hunger for the eternal—and eternity itself—that lingers long after I finish reading. This series is everything I love most about fantasy, and rich in ways I’ve found many offerings lacking the last few years. I can’t wait to have the time to re-read the entire series! So, what is the Auralia Thread really about? I read one review on Amazon that trashed the first book for being a thinly veiled parallel of Christianity. Well, it’s a parallel, of sorts, and it’s not

Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Tour: Jeffrey Overstreet's The Ale Boy's Feast

Once upon a time, there was a book titled Auralia's Colors , written by a fresh and promising new author who had actually been a movie critic for a long time. And I had the distinct pleasure of having him as one of my last interviews on the Christian Fandom email list ... More tomorrow, or the next day. I'm neck deep in last-minute sewing for our annual ballet recital. (What was I thinking, committing to this, right now?? Well, I was determined to not miss this particular blog tour, that's what ... ) For now, check out the links above, and see what other participants in our Most Excellent Tour have to say! Gillian Adams Red Bissell Grace Bridges Beckie Burnham Morgan L. Busse Valerie Comer CSFF Blog Tour Shane Deal Chris Deane Cynthia Dyer Andrea Graham Katie Hart Ryan Heart Bruce Hennigan Jason Joyner Carol Keen Dawn King Inae Kyo Shannon McDermott Karen McSpadden Rebecca LuElla Miller Eve Nielsen John W. Otte Sarah S