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We have a winner!

Congratulations to Jewels67! You've won a signed copy of A Wedding Invitation! (My apologies for being slow ... I didn't forget, but we had what I like to call a tidal wave of real life.) Coming next, when I can get it whittled down enough to be readable, my reflections from this year's ACFW conference ...

Review of A Wedding Invitation

Finally it's time for the review of this lovely book! And I wanted to announce, there was some confusion with my last post about my hosting a giveaway, since so many bloggers do that ... but Alice has graciously agreed to provide a signed copy of A Wedding Invitation to one commenter from either the interview post or this one! Now, on to the review. A Wedding Invitation is the story of a girl who attends a friend’s wedding—only to find it’s not her friend at all, and the events set in motion by her being there just might change her life forever. Samantha Bravencourt has been happy enough working in her mother’s store since returning from teaching refugees in the Philippines years before. She thinks attending the wedding will be safe enough; after all, it’s a quick trip, and she’ll be able to stay with her aunt. What could go wrong? She meets a man, who is nice enough and cute enough and again, safe enough, but then she comes face to face with her past—a refugee family who

Author Interview: Alice Wisler

I'm doing something I haven't in a very long time--posting an interview! A few might remember my stint at Christian Fandom as interview coordinator. I've adapted some of the questions I used there (a grateful nod to Greg Slade) for Alice Wisler , author of A Wedding Invitation . I'll be posting a review in a few days. Alice, other interviews have covered your background and family life, but I can’t recall seeing any detailed mention of how you got started writing. Could you tell us about that? I’ve been writing and saying that I was going to become an author since I was six. I used to write stories and give them to my first grade teacher. She had me read them to the other grades in our small international school in Kyoto, Japan. What works have you had published? (not restricting yourself to fiction) Articles, short stories? Which one is your favorite? (including works in progress) In addition to my four novels with Bethany House— Rain Song , How Sweet It Is