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Photo Card

I know there's slew of photo management sites out there, but I've found Shutterfly to be pretty user-friendly. Their promotions aren't bad either. :-) And yes, this is one of our pics from Thanksgiving in Florida ... Peppermint Palms Christmas Turn your favorite photos into personalized Christmas cards . View the entire collection of cards.

Of Blogging, Life, and the Conference

Well, all my intentions for posting about my experiences at the 2011 ACFW Conference have gone awry. A husband out of town, a billion real-life demands and crises, and the sneaking feeling that the previous piece I wrote doesn’t reflect what, weeks later, I know the conference was really about, for me. This was highlighted when I was asked to share my conference experiences with my local writer’s group. What workshops did I attend? (I signed up for several but in actuality—very few. I had trouble sitting still. Maybe it was motherhood-induced ADHD ... or maybe the Holy Spirit, since several times it resulted in some very kewl God-meetings.) What agents/editors did I meet? (Unofficially, several, since I volunteered as an appointment timekeeper and had a blast getting to be the one to walk into the appointment rooms and call TIME. Officially—two, one who wasn’t interested in even looking at my proposal, but kindly offered advice when I spontaneously spilled my frustration to her, and