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" Committed to the Journey, Part 2 " went up today at A Novel Writing Site ... and I spent the day taking the kids to Kings Mountain National Military Park to share some amazing Revolutionary War history with them, so I'll be journaling about that soon.

Committed to the Journey

My latest post at A Novel Writing Site , part one of two. Another angle on my journey to publication, which just might challenge your motivation for writing ... it did mine! (Please forgive the cross-posting as I learn to focus my energies. :-) )

Teaser: Flash Fiction

As a preview to my upcoming historical romance novella, I offer again the link to my historical flash-fiction piece, " Rebels Thick as Trees ," which appeared in the July 2010 issue of Christian Fiction Online Magazine. This is one of those stories that grew out of my research for Loyalty's Cadence , the Revolutionary War novel I finished most recently. "Rebels Thick As Trees" is drawn from a quote by the loyalist Captain Christian Huck, who died in a short but bloody battle in the backcountry of South Carolina, on July 12, 1780. My story explains--the man brought it on himself. :-) I use what I suspect would have been the proper spelling of his name, Huick. Standardized spelling didn't exist in colonial times, and primary sources record his name variously as Huck, Hook, and Huick. It's most often the first in modern accounts, but given that this man was a native of New York, the son of Dutch settlers, there's a strong likelihood it at least start