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The Dangers of Opining

As I get older, I hate opining. It’s emotionally and mentally exhausting. It takes time, of which I have less and less these days. (Pun not entirely intended.) And really, with the plethora of blogs and articles and essays out there ... how does my opinion matter, or make a difference? Do I really have anything new to add? Every so often, however, some bit of conversation with someone sparks thoughts that I can’t seem to shake, and then I feel compelled to speak out. The compulsion has gotten stronger lately—which I’d been resisting as I finished the first draft of my contracted novella, because I discovered that stopping to focus on blog posts and such severely interrupted the internal flow of story. (I’ll have to figure out a way around that if God should bless me with continued contracts.) It’s also a bit strange to feel the desire to articulate these things as an almost tangible need, when for so long God has impressed it on me to be silent and wait. And so I find