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Guest Post on the Borrowed Book

I was so distracted the last several weeks that I completely forgot, until today, that I was invited to guest post on the excellent blog, The Borrowed Book, back in November. Ooooops!!! A huge thank you, again, to Elizabeth Ludwig, for asking me! It's basically the conference recap I posted way back in September/October, but it includes a short blurb for my story coming out next September ... !

Is the Church asking the wrong questions?

So. About those opinions. I find myself wondering sometimes, is the Church asking the wrong questions? I’ve seen it over and over: some book or movie sensation bursts on the scene, sweeping a large portion of youth (or not so youthful, as the case might be) with it. Christians take a glance or three, then begin the outcry: this is wrong! This is bad! Harry Potter —it’s witchcraft. Twilight —vampires and werewolves! The Hunger Games —children are pitted against children! Fifty Shades of Grey —porn for women! Does the outcry honestly keep people away from wrong? The issues aside—yes, Harry Potter may be a bad role model where respect for authority is concerned, and the relationship dynamics in Twilight fit the pattern of classic victim mentality—I have to ask whether Christians aren’t approaching this from the wrong angle. Do I believe in absolute truth? Yes. Do I believe Christians should stand up for that? Absolutely. But as a Christian who deals in story, I think