12 Days of Pioneer Christmas, Day 11: Review of Defending Truth by Michelle Ule at Colonial Quills

For today, please hop over to Colonial Quills for an amazing review of Defending Truth from Pioneer Christmas co-author, Michelle Ule! She leaves me blushing ... but I'm so tickled she likes the story!

(Lots n' lots of other interesting stuff over there as well ....)

Thank you so much to those of you who have hung in there for all our posts! Just today and tomorrow for the giveaways. Winners announced on September 3!

12 Days of A Pioneer Christmas

Monday, August 19 12 Days of Christmas Introduction
Tuesday, August 20 Cynthia Hickey on cynthiahickey.blogspot.com
Wednesday, August 21 Kathleen Fuller on www.kathleenfuller.com
Thursday, August 22 Michelle Ule on michelleule.com
Friday, August 23 Marcia Garver on Yielded Quill
Saturday, August 24 Shannon McNear on www.shannonmcnear.com
Monday, August 26 Lauraine Snelling on michelleule.com
Tuesday, August 27 Kathleen Fuller on www.kathleenfuller.com
Wednesday, August 28 Vickie McDonough on www.shannonmcnear.com
Thursday, August 29 Anna Urquhart on The Silent Isle
Friday, August 30 Michelle Ule on Colonial Quills
Saturday, August 31 Michelle Ule on michelleule.com

Sunday, September 1

A Pioneer Christmas Collection Release!!

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  1. What a tremendous review for Michelle! Congratulations, Shannon! Also, I'm now Colonial Quills newest and hugest fan--I'm excited to explore the website further as I continue my research for my work-in-progress. What a fantastic resource! (And--fingers crossed--maybe one day my book will be reviewed there.) I believe you also have a colonial work-in-progress? Gracious, I think we just need to meet!

  2. Michelle outdid herself there! I'm sooo blushing. :-D And yeah, CQ is great!

    I do have the first draft of a full-length colonial ... it's set in 1780-81, during the Southern Campaign ... from the British/loyalist POV. :-) And I was neck-deep in finishing it when I wrote the proposal for Defending Truth, which has to be the reason I was distracted and typed "1781" and not 1780 on the DT timestamp! :-P

    I agree! We do need to meet!

  3. It would be awesome to win the copy with all the signatures. I already own a copy of Log Cabin and Prarie which I could donate to Christian Library International if I won a signed copy. If you ever have a need to clear out used Christian books please send them to CLI for placement in prison libraries.

    Blessings, Janice

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Janice, and I'll keep that in mind! All the 9-novella collections are nice ones, IMO, and this one is a different set than the Log Cabin and Prairie sets. Blessings!


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