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New winner

So, I never heard from Dana, and courtesy of Rafflecopter, we have a new winner: Teresa Mathews! Teresa, please respond with a comment to let me know you've seen this.

1780, not 1781

Sit right back and you'll hear a tale of how a newbie author got a serious humility check on her first published work ever ... :-) Oh, wait. It isn't that long of a story. Very simple, really. Let's get this straight, right off:  the Battle of Kings Mountain, a surprise win for the patriot side, happened in October 1780. I know this. I've been intensively studying the events of the Southern Campaign--that part of the latter Revolutionary War when the British focused their energies on Georgia and the Carolinas--since 2006. So why on earth does the timestamp on Defending Truth read October 1781? I was appalled when I realized this--two days before my author copies arrived. I first noticed it in reference to someone's review, then went scrambling back over the galleys, my own drafts of the story, the original proposal to the editor more than a year ago. Yep. They all read "late October 1781." How did this happen? Worse yet, how did my eyes slide over


So, we have our winners of two copies of this lovely book, each with a bookplate signed by all nine authors ... Carla Olson Gade and Dana Wilkerson Spille! I've already been in contact with Carla, but Dana, I've tried to email you twice and haven't heard back. Please leave a comment on this post if you've tried to reply and I haven't responded! If I don't hear from you by, oh, middle of next week (I'm getting ready to attend the ACFW conference starting Friday), then I'll need to pick another winner ...

So ... what now?

It's nearing midnight on the second day of September, incidentally the ninth birthday of my ninth and youngest baby. :-) I've officially been a published author for two days, according to Amazon and the publisher's listed release date. What happens now? Well, the interviews and giveaways continue, in various places. (Keep checking my page "the scoop" for events and appearances.) I'm respond to blog comments, emails, and social media messages as I can. And, of course, I can't neglect my actual writing. On a wider scale, I have some difficult decisions to make. Some of these will hopefully be decided by the upcoming ACFW conference. I'd like to find homes for my other stories, and I'm still in search of an agent. I'll also be blogging more, so please stay tuned. Some opining, some exploration of my journey as a Christian and wife and mother and writer, and what makes me what I am. Some fun stuff mixed in. Not sure what else--this page is