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As the final crush approaches for our move, I find I have fewer spare brain cells for writing anything fit for eyes to read, but a few deadlines would not be ignored ... My most recent article at Colonial Quills: an introduction to the historic Strawberry Chapel and the now-vanished town of Childsbury ... with a nod to the local legend of Little Mistress Chicken. Last Sunday's devotional at The Borrowed Book: a discussion about the meaning of Christmas ... is it all about the lights ? I'll be trying to keep up with the devotionals through the move, and for Colonial Quills I plan to continue featuring lesser-known historic sites in the Charleston area.

Merry Christmas! A free cookbook and a two-book raffle!

A Merry Christmas raffle and a free gift! What could make the season brighter than a chance to win two terrific Christmas novella collections and get some new recipes? We, the authors of A Pioneer Christmas Collection , want to celebrate the Advent season by giving our readers a FREE Christmas Cookbook PDF featuring recipes connected to our stories PLUS family recipes from our own holiday traditions. If that’s not enough, we’re offering a raffle for two terrific Christmas classics signed by ALL the authors: A Pioneer Christmas Collection and A Log Cabin Christmas Collection , featuring several of the same authors . Like one of us on Facebook , sign up to follow my blog, Michelle’s blog, or Vickie’s newsletter for a chance to win the two books. Rafflecopter contest runs until midnight, Pacific time, Wednesday, December 11. (The books will be mailed to the winner on December 15, so you should get them in time for Christmas!) a Rafflecopter giveaway