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CSFF Blog Tour, Day 3: John Otte's Numb

Day 3 of our CSFF Blog Tour, featuring John Otte and his newest release, Numb. First, a big thanks to John for the shout-out in yesterday’s interview. Yes, it’s true, I had the pleasure of meeting John in 2006 through ACFW’s conference mentor program. After emailing back and forth for several weeks, we met in the hotel lobby in Dallas. I recognized him immediately, but instantly had to adjust my mental image of him—all I had seen to that point was a headshot, and as Jason Joyner writes, John towers above everyone! It may sound trite to say, but John has an amazing heart ... love for family, dedication to friends, a determination to better his writing without being overly defensive. (That last one is stinking hard!) Through critiques and the winds of the writing industry tugging us back and forth, John has remained not only a kind but enthusiastic encourager, and it’s been a joy to watch his career unfold. So, is it bragging to say I got to read Numb when it was still in

CSFF Blog Tour, Day 2: John Otte's Numb

Day 2 of our CSFF Blog Tour! I’m so excited to present this interview of John Otte, author of assorted Christian SF offerings. With no further ado ... Could you tell us a bit about your background and family life, and how you got started writing? I grew up in a Lutheran pastor’s family. At least, I did until they found me hiding in the attic. I’m just kidding. About the attic part, at least. I am a PK, and I grew up in Minnesota. I attended Concordia University in St. Paul, where I majored in theatre, and then went to seminary in St. Louis. Now I’m a full-time Lutheran pastor myself. I married my wife back in 2002 and we’re raising two wonderful sons. As for my writing, I got started in the fifth grade by writing and illustrating really awful comic books that were basically creative exercises in plagiarism. When I realized that I was (and still am) a lousy artist, I switched to writing novels. In the meantime, I’ve dabbled in stage plays and screenplays, but I’ve alway

CSFF Blog Tour: John Otte's Numb

It’s that time again! Yes, believe it or not, I’ve been induced to do the tour two months in a row. This time I have the distinct joy of featuring fellow author John Otte, Lutheran pastor by day and sci-fi writer extraordinaire by night ... er, something like that. :-) He writes about superheroes, anyway, and elite assassins employed by the only official Church allowed in the galaxy ... Today is short and sweet, a sneak peek of John's newest release, a space opera titled Numb , and John's author website . Come back tomorrow for an interview with John ( Christian Fandom style --it's gonna be great!), and then the day after for my thoughts about the story and a few more insider tidbits. As always, please take time to visit the others taking part in our Most Excellent Blog Tour: Julie Bihn Jennifer Bogart Keanan Brand Beckie Burnham Pauline Creeden Vicky DealSharingAunt Carol Gehringer Victor Gentile Rebekah Gyger Nikole Hahn Jason Joyner Carol Ke