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Blog Tour: My Writing Process

Well, it's been a while. As usual, right? I have many exciting things to share, but in the middle of it all, I was tagged yesterday by my dear writing friend and mentor Donita K. Paul for a "My Writing Process" blog tour. She was tagged by author Cheryl McKay , who was tagged by Rene Gutteridge , who was tagged by "Mom's Night Out" screenwriter Andrea Nasfell , who to my geeky delight, had also tagged Cory Edwards , the screenwriter/director behind one of my favorite animated films ever, "Hoodwinked." So, here goes ... 1)    Who are you? As my blog header says, wife, mother, writer, barbarian queen. To be more exact, wife of one for 27 years, mother of 8 on earth, 1 in heaven, writer of many things since third grade, and the most distractible and disorganized mother-of-many I know, which explains the "barbarian queen" part. :-) (Or see under "the scoop" for a longer explanation.) Amateur historian, seamstress, purveyor