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The annual family Christmas letter

Troy and I, with our eldest and his new bride I'm going to skip right past the fact that I haven't posted on update on anything the past several months (and wow, is there a lot to share) and jump right to a sweet bit composed and sent me by two of my older kids the day after my birthday last month. Our move halfway across country has been so unbelievably bittersweet. The adventure of a new place, a new home, new friends, new church, etc. etc. etc. ... vs. the ache of leaving our four older children behind, along with a new son-in-law and a daughter-in-law-to-be. (Who became, with great joy, the bride of our oldest in September.) That was one of those things we knew would be hard, but determined to weather with grace. It's been harder than I ever dreamed (how have our parents handled Troy and I being so far away all these years??), and going back for the wedding in September just underscored how much I've missed them. I'm a completely biased mother, true,