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Happy New Year 2015! (and a look back at the blessings of 2014)

                One line of an almost too-familiar favorite worship song struck me recently ... “every blessing You pour out, I’ll turn back to praise.” I love my flowers! Pansies and lobelia.                 The first day of a new year is a good time for recapping the blessings of the previous one, especially when said year was so packed with real life that I didn’t take the time to adequately document it.                 I offer, then, this probably not-so-short list of things this year has held that deserve much more public praise than I’ve given them: ·          January: Our move to North Dakota. How are we doing, almost a year later? Well, overall, I can honestly say I love it here. There are things I don’t love, of course, and maybe it’s just that I’m learning as never before to honestly choose gratitude and contentment, but for the most part Troy and I both feel we’ve flourished. Even on his out-of-town trips, my husband is no longer on the other side of the planet.