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So, five weeks ago today, I slipped on the ice while helping my husband take the trash out, and I went down hard. As in tear-up-cartilage-and-my-MCL, hard. When the doctor looks at you, after you finally get an MRI three and a half weeks later, and says, “This is a serious injury,” you know it’s bad. The upshot of it is that I’ve been mostly on the couch for a month, and I’m facing at least another 2-3 months of taking it easy. I’ve come to the conclusion, I became way too dependent on staying busy to keep myself from thinking. At the least, to keep myself from having to stop and write about what I’m thinking. Not thinking isn’t good for a writer. We need time to think, to be still and shape those thoughts into words. I’ve also come to the conclusion, without some direction to my mind and heart, I’m flat-out mean to those around me. It isn’t being busy and being overwhelmed that causes it, because having to park my butt in a recliner for an extended period of time didn’t