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Congratulations to Sandra Scott! You've won the free 1-year Single Student License to Fast Transcripts! A HUGE thank you to all of you who read my review and who entered. Blessings!

GIVEAWAY EXTENDED! Not sure if it was my vague instructions or a Rafflecopter fail, but I only had two entries and I know more of you have to be interested! So, if you want to be entered, please leave a comment on this blog post. If you're having trouble with that, contact me via whatever social media is easiest for you, and let me know you're interested. :) Thanks so much! Giveaway closes for good on Friday at midnight.

I'm not profiting from the giveaway; I'm just looking to share a great product with my fellow home-high-school parents!


So, I'm still tweaking this back-to-blogging thing. I've decided that once a month or so, I reserve the right to talk about this or that site or product or book I've found particularly useful or meaningful. I've done several book reviews over the years, and I've become very picky because if you can't say something nice, why say anything at all? But we all find things that deserve some positive attention, and I'd like to share some of those with you.

With our family’s move two years ago, halfway across country, our homeschooling life shifted and we found ourselves in the position of having to produce our own high school transcripts. When looking for something that would just help me calculate my daughter's high school GPA, I happened across the Fast Transcripts service, offered by Home School Legal Defense Association, and took advantage of the 30-day trial membership to see if this was something this busy, distracted mom could navigate without too much trouble.

To my delight, it was very user friendly—and later, when I needed the actual, official transcript for my daughter’s university application, affordable as well. The turnaround time was much faster than promised, and after I’d added my signature, the college admissions office accepted the transcript with no questions. I was particularly nervous about this, since I’d always depended before on the validation lent by our accountability group, who had issued official transcripts for us, before. 

So, after crossing that final hurdle, I’m thrilled to offer my very positive review on this product and the customer service received.

So, what is it and where can you find it? gives homeschool parents the ability to create professional high school transcripts with error-free GPA calculation (includes weighted AP and Honors calculation).

They offer everyone a no-credit-card 30 day free trial!

The cost is only $16 ($12 for HSLDA members) if you continue with the service beyond the free trial.

AND! Fast Transcripts is offering a giveaway! The prize is a 1-Year License for a Single Student, normally $16 ($12 for HSLDA members). If you think you’ll need this anytime soon, please enter! All you need to do is leave a comment on this post. For extra entries, you can visit my author page on Facebook (where I share links to various posts I write and other tidbits on what I'm doing professionally) and/or follow me on Twitter (where I'm not very active, so I promise not to overwhelm your feed).

The giveaway starts at midnight tonight and continues for exactly ONE week. (I have no control over the time so ... )

a Rafflecopter giveaway

DISCLAIMER: This is not my company and I'm not affiliated with them in any way, besides the exchange of my honest review for a year's subscription, as well. I don't profit from the actual giveaway at all. This is offered just to help out other homeschooling families. Thanks!


  1. What a great giveaway! I'm just about to enter the "transcript" years so this would definitely be useful.

  2. Kristi Wirrenga10:18 PM

    I suppose I'll need to do this all too soon...Thanks for reviewing it !

  3. Needing this right about now! Thanks for the review, it will be making my life so much easier as I get Riley off to college.


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