And life goes on ...

So much for my intent to post more often!

We just finished up a very busy week of visiting with our oldest son and his wife and our grandbaby of not quite 9 months old, celebrating our second-oldest daughter’s graduation from high school, and having front-row seats to our second-oldest son proposing to his girlfriend. So much joy, so much life, so much potential for even more life and joy ... and at some point, more sorrow and heartbreak.

Because today the son and daughter-in-law and grandbaby had to pack up and drive back to her parents in Omaha to catch their flight home in South Carolina. And the front-row seat to the other son’s engagement was via modern media, 1600 miles away.

And graduating one kid from high school at home is always bittersweet because the uncertainty of college and adulthood comes next.

And ... we’re all waiting for news of whether my oldest daughter, after dealing with infertility for almost three years, and suffering the pain of a very early miscarriage last month, is finally carrying a baby with hopes of holding it in our arms and not just in our hearts ...

The newly engaged son called very late last night, choking back tears that his Grammy is in heaven now, and he can’t immediately share with her that her last prayer for him was answered yesterday.

As wonderful as life is, sometimes we can hardly wait for the coming day when there are no more goodbyes, no more separations and no more loss. As I told them all last night, it isn’t that we immediately want to go end it all, but it seems every experience just sharpens our longing for that.

I have to remind myself that we need to embrace the longing as fully as we seek to embrace the joy.

Because there are joys enough on this journey to savor and celebrate, as well as the joy that awaits us at the end.

And that grandbaby is absolutely beautiful. :)


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