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And the word for this year is ... JOY!

2017 was hard for a lot of people. Natural disasters, perplexing politics, personal family drama in buckets. The year started difficult, with a marrow-deep weariness I couldn't shake no matter the prayers I prayed, or Scripture I read, or worship I entered into. But--through all, I knew God was there. In so many little ways He'd make His presence known, and in retrospect, He really was enough. But it was hard. Didn't help that North Dakota winters are long and cold, and this one seemed particularly rough. I had to keep reminding myself in February that spring was coming. Eventually. No matter how far away it seemed. My writing went through a similar winter. Unlike natural seasons, though, I had no reassurance that spring would ever come, and my fervent prayers for clear direction on whether or not I was to continue writing for publication met with answers having to do with trusting God no matter the circumstances, and learning to put my hope truly in Him and not i