Story Connections!

For those of you who have ever wondered whether my stories are connected (most are!) and which characters show up again or are mentioned elsewhere ... this is for you!

Defending Truth in A Pioneer Christmas Collection, takes place in 1780, just after the Battle of Kings Mountain, during the American Revolution. The couple featured in this story, Truth Bledsoe and Micah Elliot, show up again in The Cumberland Bride, which features Truth's little brother Thomas, 14 years later.

The Highwayman (formerly in The Most Eligible Bachelor Collection and now available as a single e-book or part of To Catch A Bachelor from Winged Publications) takes place in 1775, on the eve of the American Revolution. Sam Wheeler and Sally Brewster are the featured couple, and one of their grandsons, Josh Wheeler, is the male lead of The Rebel Bride.

The Counterfeit Tory in The Backcountry Brides Collection takes place in late 1781, as the American Revolution is winding down, and features Jed Wheeler, Sam's cousin from The Highwayman, and Lizzy Cunningham. There are appearances by Micah Elliot's older brother, Zacharias, and in the epilogue, Sam and Sally and their growing family. Jed reappears in The Blue Cloak, along with one of his own sons.

The Cumberland Bride (#5 of the Daughters of the Mayflower series) takes place in 1794 and features Thomas Bledsoe, Truth's younger brother in Defending Truth, and Kate Gruener. Thomas and Kate also make an appearance in The Blue Cloak.

The Rebel Bride (#10 of the Daughters of the Mayflower series) takes place in 1864, during the Civil War, and features Joshua Wheeler, grandson of Sam and Sally from The Highwayman, and Pearl MacFarlane, granddaughter of Thomas and Kate from The Cumberland Bride, as well as great-granddaughter to the couple in my yet-unpublished Revolutionary War story, Loyalty's Cadence.

The Blue Cloak (#5 of the True Colors Crime series) takes place in 1797-99, and while centering on a particularly horrifying slice of historical true crime, features the fictional couple Ben Langford and Rachel Taylor, with appearances by Jed Wheeler and Thomas and Kate Bledsoe.

The Wise Guy and the Star in Love's Pure Light takes place in 1919, and though not connected to the rest of my stories, is one of four novellas featuring an antique nativity passed down through four generations of a single family.

And ... that's all for now! More to come, eventually.

(Any questions??)



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