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Research for The Wise Guy and the Star



Research for The Blue Cloak:

[NOTE: Most websites on the Harpes draw their information from Otto A. Rothert's book The Outlaws of Cave-in-Rock. Rothert in turn drew heavily from primary sources--newspaper articles, court documents, memoirs by eyewitnesses--but also leans on T. Marshall Smith's work, of which I am more suspicious. I came to different conclusions about various historical figures partly because in the modern age we have better access to genealogical records, not to mention photos of gravestones. Where the websites are independent of Rothert's research, or provide an interesting parallel, I have made note.]

Books about the Harpes:

  • America's First Serial Killers: A Biography of the Harpe Brothers, Wallace Edwards, Absolute Crime Press, 2013
  • Blood in the Wilderness, John Edward Shay, Exlibris, 1998
  • The Harpes' Last Rampage: The True Story of America's First Serial Killers, E. Don Harpe, Flint River Press, 2010
  • Legends of the war of independence : and of the earlier settlements in the West : Smith, T. Marshall (Thomas Marshall) : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
  • The Outlaws of Cave-in-Rock, Otto A. Rothert, Southern Illinois University Press, 1996 [my main resource]
  • The Outlaw Years: The History of the Land Pirates of the Natchez Trace, Robert M. Coats, Pelican, 2002
  • A Wilderness of Tigers: A Novel of the Harpe Brothers and Frontier Violence, Kenneth Tucker, AuthorHouse, 2005 [... in case anyone's interested in how differently a male author treats the novelization of this subject matter ...]
Web articles on the Harpes:
Related genealogical pages, etc.:

Research for The Rebel Bride:

Research for The Cumberland Bride:
  • Where the story took place--the Wilderness Road, stretching from eastern Tennessee up into Kentucky
  •  (more to come...)

Research for The Counterfeit Tory:

Research for The Highwayman:

Research for Defending Truth:
**Truth and her immediate family--father, mother, and siblings--are fictional, but I anchored her story within the real-life Bledsoes of North Carolina and Tennessee. Information about them was often sketchy and inconsistent, but I did my best to piece together names, dates, and places in a way that made sense for the framework of my story. The family was more extensive than I was able to cover in a novella, but I hope I've honored their memory.

Also!! Truth's little brother Thomas returns in his own story, The Cumberland Bride, coming October 1, 2018!

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