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2021 dates of interest:

  • December 1: Release of ELINOR: Book 1 of Daughters of the Lost Colony from Barbour Publishing!
  • July 31: Mississippi River Reader's Retreat, Little Falls, Minnesota ... Early Bird discounts available!

2020 dates of interest:

  • October 15-18: Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt
  • September 1: Release of Love's Pure Light novella collection, with Deborah Raney, Susanne Dietze, and Janine Roche!
  • August 15: Mississippi River Reader's Retreat, Little Falls, Minnesota [POSTPONED UNTIL 2021 BECAUSE OF COVID-19!]
  • March 1: Release of The Blue Cloak, #5 in True Colors!
  • January 16: Author interview, hosted by Lena Nelson Dooley

2019 dates of interest:
  • December 27: Book signing at Plantation Coffee in Jamestown, North Dakota! Signing 5-7 PM; talk at 6 PM.
  • December 1: Release of The Rebel Bride, #10 in Daughters of the Mayflower!
  • December (date TBA): Interview and giveaway at Inspirational Historical Fiction
  • October 4: Interview and giveaway at The Reading Daisy

2018 dates of interest:

2017 dates of interest:
  • May:  The all-colonial Backcountry Brides Collection is offered a contract, featuring my novella, The Counterfeit Tory (sequel to The Highwayman)
  • August:  The Cumberland Bride is officially under contract as #5 of Daughters of the Mayflower
  • October 14:  Plot & Story Structure workshop, at Community Grounds in Columbia Heights, MN, 10 AM - 12 PM

2016 dates of interest:

2015 dates of interest:
  • May:  Release of The Most Eligible Bachelor Romance Collection, featuring my second novella, The Highwayman!
  • May 4-8:  Blog tour with a huge gift basket giveaway, starting right here!
  • May 15:  Colonial Quills Tea Party--more giveaways!
  • Summer sabbatical due to family medical issues
  • September:  Re-release of The Pioneer Christmas Collection, featuring my first and RITA-nominated novella, Defending Truth
  • October 16:  Colonial Quills Tea Party on the CQ website and Facebook--lots of fun and giveaways!

2014 dates of interest:

2013 dates of interest:

Other things you may want to know:

**Why "Shenandoah"?

Blame my mother. That's the name she said she would have given me, if she'd had the nerve. I started using it in high school as a nickname ("Shannon-doah"), and years later when we got internet for the first time and everyone was worried about privacy issues, I used it as my online persona. My first amateur attempt at a website was "Shenandoah's Eclectic Website." It was natural to title my blog "Shenandoah's Eclectic Musings," which then became "Scribblings" when I shifted my focus to provide a place for readers to come find out more about me.

**Why the tag "barbarian queen"? [which I don't use online anymore but maybe you'll find this bit entertaining]

For years I've affectionately termed my family "the barbarian horde." We have eight children, and we are a boisterous, intense, live-life-out-loud bunch--that is, when we aren't curled up at our castle, recharging our introvert batteries.

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